Visit our east beach pond a haven for wildlife and take a stroll around this haven, a great place to walk your children or dog. Maybe sit a while with a nice cup of tea from the refreshment bar. Walk along the promonade and see the moored boats or visit the lifeboat house.Play or sit on the beach. with so many options the time just runs out and you will wish to come again
Our Beaches are a place of joy and fun most of the year provided a few precautions are taken by all who use them. Man-made hazards; including piers, groynes, breakwaters, jetties, and sea defences etc Take great caution when walking on wet or uneven surfaces, and look out for sharp objects. Remember to follow any safety signs you see. Do not swim near man-made structures. Never go swimming alone, tell someone where you will be and always be aware of the tides. Inflatable toys, airbeds and small dinghies are great fun in a pool, but you are advised not to use them in the sea as wind blowing off the land makes the sea look calm, flat and apparently safe, but it can sweep an inflatable out to sea very swiftly. It only takes a slight breeze to blow an inflatable out to sea. If you insist on bringing inflatables to the beach, please take the precautions . Why not join in protecting and maintaining your Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)? There are a whole range of opportunities including a variety of practical outdoors tasks. We would like to encourage everyone that loves and enjoys Chichester Harbour AONB to become Friend of Chichester Harbour